21 Movies that Will Inspire you and Help you During Lockdown


In tough times you need to toughen up too, as this saying goes it is essential that during this time of COVID-19 you should not lose your mind and keep it distracted. So, why not indulge in watching something meaningful, inspirational and entertaining as well. We all have our online subscriptions of Netflix, Amazon and You Tube, so here I have compiled a list of 21 movies that you must watch as these are not only award winning movies but each one carries a distinct message that will keep your spirits up during this lockdown.

Let’s begin with English Movies and then Hindi Movies

English Movies

1. Forrest Gump – Netflix

The inspirational story of a boy born with a physical condition of curved spine and low IQ. He wins it all with his determination and perseverance. A masterpiece that will inspire you to not given in to the adverse circumstances but to create something new and re-invent yourself.


2. Gully Boy – Amazon Prime Video

This movie is all about a poor guy living in abject poverty dreaming of becoming a star singer. His determination and talent help him achieve his almost impossible dream. Inspired by real life Indian rappers Divine and Naezy. It is a must watch especially if you are too burning with passion of your dream and surrounded by adverse circumstances. If they did it, so can you.

3. Parasite – Amazon Prime Video

Non – American picture that tells the story of how social class difference destroys a beautiful friendship between wealthy family and an impoverished family. You should watch it to understand that at times greed and discrimination are the biggest enemies of human destruction rather than external forces. At times like these you too should overcome this and become a conduit to compassion.

4. Marriage Story – Netflix

If you think it is difficult to keep your relation with your spouse afloat then you should watch it. The movie gives insight upon the complexities of married life and power games between couples. It exposes the very core of the relationship, while at the same time it teaches us all to keep appreciating one another no matter what.


5. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – Amazon Prime Video

Full entertainment and two eye candies for every woman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. This movies gives you a peek inside the Hollywood and you will enjoy it for a mixed bag of numerous stories spun together impacting the lives of people involved in it.

6. The Revenant – Netflix

This is the movie for which DiCaprio won an Oscar. It tells the story of a hero who survives betrayal by his own people and left for dead survives the harsh environment and rises up again avenging  the wrongdoings of his now enemies. It shows how even a single person dealing with obtuse circumstances not giving into negativity can win.

7. Gravity – Netflix

Amazing performance by Sandra Bullock who struggles through the issues of abandonment and isolation yearns for home. After being lost in space she battles her inner demons as well as external forces to return home even when all seems to go complete haywire. George Clooney her only mission companion is her mentor and her guide too.

8. Coco – Hot star

Realizing the importance of family and bonds of blood is what this movie is all about. The protagonist is a little boy who discovers it all in the afterlife. So, if you are locked down with your family then it is a blessing in disguise urging you to forge deeper and meaningful bonds with your family.

9. 12 Years A Slave – Netflix

An old classic but it shows how each human deserves freedom and is capable of struggling against all odds to break the cycle of slavery. It shows when you set your mind to achieve something, forces rush to your rescue, just as in this movie he finds a compassionate soul that helps him achieve what he wants.

10. Zootopia – Hot star

You will enjoy it for the fun it brings and the manner in which the animal world is depicted as a civilized society with rules and regulations. On top of it there is lot of humor and funny incidents in the movie that will surely make you laugh out loud. You will love it all and enjoy it with your family.

11. Inside Out – Hot star

The psychology and emotions of human brain depicted as people is something out of the box. You will love it for the way each emotion is depicted and the working of human psyche. Learning to control and let of off something that bothers you is something that you will learn. The movie is animated and fun to watch.

12. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Amazon Prime Video

If you thought being a superhero is fun and amazing then welcome to the new world where the hero is against his own alternate versions. So much like us fighting our own demons at this time of isolation and quarantine which leads us to overthinking at times.

Hindi Movies


13. Article 15 – Netflix

A must watch not only for the actor Ayushmann Khurrana but also the struggles of emerging hero out of a situation where the whole system is against him. It teaches us that in truth we should stand and fight for what is right.

14. Paan Singh Tomar – Netflix

Based on real life of Paan Singh Tomar who turns negative when faced by a system that is unwilling to help him during his hour of need. Emergence of anti-hero who comes into full power thereby speaking the truth of what made him turn dacoit from an aspiring athlete.

15. Baahubali: The Beginning – Netflix

You will love it for the cinematography and the visual effects; Prabhas the actor has done a commendable job in the movie. It is all about how a hero raises his army against the tyrant and dictator who took away his family and is a bad ruler to his country.

16. Raazi – Amazon Prime Video

Based on a true Kashmiri Indian spy the story shows the dilemma of a woman torn between the duty towards her nation and her love for the man who may be a potential enemy. Who wins the battle? It is a must watch where the determination and strength of character is called in for.

17. Hindi Medium – Amazon Prime Video

A story of true rags to riches businessman who is struggling to bring the best education for his daughter is something to watch out for. A superficial society and people with high standards but with no compassion against people with living in poverty with big hearts and love for each other is a good contrast. Teaches us that not all that glitters is gold .

18. Dangal – Netflix

Story of national level girl wrestlers the Phogat Sisters who were taught to be wrestlers against the taboo of girls being in the sport dominated by men. It teaches us that the softer or the fair gender is capable of achieving anything when the right support and care is available.

19. 3 Idiots – Netflix

Three people struggling against all odds to achieve their dreams fighting with society, the circumstances and even relationships is something to watch out for. Oh and the occasional humor and fun it brings to every situation is something that will tickle you in hard times teaching you to keep it light.

20. I Am Kalam – Amazon Prime Video

The movie talks about the achievement of APJ Abdul Kalam our former PM who is idolized by a small town boy wanting to be him at every cost. His dreams and his vision along with his never give up spirit is why this movie is a must watch.

21. Mera Naam Joker – Amazon Prime Video

An old classic as you must have heard about it a lot teaches us a lot about the importance of laughter and love. The story is about a man working as a clown who makes everyone laugh is hiding his own depression with a smile and an attitude of everything is temporary. So, let go and let love and laughter fill you.

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