7 Best Money Saving Tips On A Long Road Trip


Thank you everyone for following me and my youtube channel.  I am sure you are as enthusiastic as I am and as madly in love as I am with my bike.  By now you know, that I am a passionate rider who can stretch beyond the roads to follow my passion for travel and biking. After driving for a considerable amount of time, I have learnt a few tips on saving money on long road trips.

It is very rightly said that “money saved is money earned”.  But how can I save money on long road trips?  Long road trips are generally not very cost effective.  Yet if you want to continue to follow your passion of riding to explore the world then learn some road trip savings.

I learnt a few money saving hacks on my Spiti Valley Trip.  Experience is the best teacher and I firmly believe it.  So, here are a few road trip money saving tips which I have learnt on my long bike rides.  Follow these as it can help you keep going for long in less

Study Your Route
As soon as you decide a destination, the first and foremost thing that you should do is study the route well.    Check where you should halt and save a GPS map on your phone.  Study the map twice or may be thrice before you gear up so that you head in the right direction.  Choose a restaurant or your stop over destinations beforehand.  Such a road trip planner will help you save the fuel cost which is one of the major contributors in the any road trips.

Save The Itinerary
Save as much as you can on your phone including the major attractions that you might want to visit, their routes, timings and reviews.   This will help you save the data cost on your phone.  Make pre-bookings as much as possible. This will not only save time but also the costs since you may not necessarily have to involve a middle man at the most popular destinations.  Prepare a road trip planner and keep it handy with you.

Prepare Yourself and Your Bike
Once you have studied the route well and saved the itinerary, prepare yourself and your bike.  A well-maintained bike is always more efficient and less expensive.  You may go on for longer if you keep your vehicle in good health and also save on the temporary wear and tear on rough roads.    Please ensure a bike wash service prior to your trip which will enable you keep going for longer durations without spending on the cleans regularly.

Drive Legally
Do check out the traffic rules of each State you will be driving through.   At times it is difficult to hold the excitement to “get there” but remember, it can be an additional cost.  Drive legally and do not rush. If you violate the traffic rules, you might invite fines which cost you both time and money. It is imperative that you follow the rules when you are on road trip on a budget.

Get a Fast Tag for Tolls
Buy a Fast Tag online and top up with the sufficient amount. The toll charges are usually less for fast tag users.  Also you will jump the queues and save on time on any of the toll plazas. You can also link your bank accounts or buy through them since they are offer special discounts usually.  This is one of the very important road travel hacks which you much use.+

Avoid Conventional Hotel Stays
You may choose a shared Apartment or Airbnb over a conventional hotel. Instead of investing in a lavish breakfast, you may choose to self-cook your meals which are easy to carry and grab.  Rely on tetra packs of milk, nuts and fruits which keep you full for longer and are also very nutritious.

Pack Wisely
Pack everything that you already know that you might need.  For example buying a swimming trunks will be costlier at the beach.  So, carry it from home.  Carry medicines which you might need and save on the medical costs.    Always carry a washing soap to manage your laundry and avoid costs outsourcing it.  I ensured to follow this as a pre-plan to prepare myself for my trip to Ladakh.

So whenever you plan a long road trip always ask yourself “how do I keep my road trip cheap?”  Follow these simple tips and I guarantee an awesome trip on long stretches on a budget.  If you are able to maintain a good budget on a long road trip and do not overspend you are always ready for the next one.

So, pull up your socks, gear up your bikes and get ready to rule the roads like a King !

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