Benefits of Electric cars over Petrol/Diesel cars

Benefits of Electric cars over Petrol/Diesel cars

As pollution levels rise and the petrol/ diesel prices are at all time hike, it is essential to find a solution that would benefit all. Saving the environment by switching on to cleaner vehicle solution as well as providing an alternate to fuel. Now, with advancement in technology things are progressing with the introduction of EV or Electric Vehicles that run on electrical charge. Let us learn more about it and its benefits.

Cost effective

It is more about plug and drive that with the introduction of EV things are fast changing. Cars driven on electric charge. It is almost a third of per kilometer as opposed to purchase of petrol for a vehicle. You will save more when you switch to EV. To know more about it you can check the fuel saving calculator online. Or to put it in layman terms, when you are no longer purchasing petrol or diesel for your car, you are already saving a lot and you can use the extra money elsewhere for your household.

Benefits of Electric cars over Petrol/Diesel cars

Easy to maintain

Battery operated EV is something that will soon catch up to the trend of vehicles on road due to the maintenance made easy. You need not keep maintaining any motors, fuel injection system, expensive working parts that are fitted within petrol or diesel engine. The mechanics and machinery within battery operated EV is simple and strong to withstand weather conditions and time itself. All you need to maintain is breaks, suspension and tyres and you are done. Batteries of EVA last for 8 years. However, if you are opting for plugin hybrid EVs then the petrol engine is something that needs regular upkeep and that would add up to your maintenance charges. Now no need to rush to servicing centers or worrying about running out of warranty service and paying up extra charges for your vehicle maintenance.

Benefits of Electric cars over Petrol/Diesel cars

Good for Environment

  • Reduced pollution- Opting for EV you are contributing in keeping the environment pollution levels down. There are zero exhaust emissions in EV. Drive an EV and keep the environment clean.
  • Renewable energy- Using an EV you need energy recharge or charging battery that in turn helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using a solar PV you can charge your EV system during the day time. Here you are using natural resource or solar power to charge your vehicle.
  • Eco friendly machine- It is a growing trend amongst the EV manufacturers that they are using eco-friendly material to build electric cars. The padding for instance is produced using bio based materials. Take for instance Nissan Leaf, the interiors are beautiful and the body work comprise of parts that are produced using green materials like recycled, old car parts, plastic bags and even water bottles. It is also said they have been using second hand home appliances for its production. This sure puts a lot less pressure on mother nature while manufacturing a car that is eco-friendly.
  • Good for health- Now that pollution levels would be down, exhaust emissions is going to be low this will directly impact human health. With better air quality and less pollution, there are likely to be less health problems resulting from air pollution. People with sensitive respiratory organs can breathe easy as opposed to petrol/ diesel engines that contribute majorly to air pollution.
  • Safety measures- Recently the biggest news making rounds with the electric cars is improved safety standards added to the vehicle. The center of gravity is low that makes it more likely to be stable and less prone to roll over in case of crashes. Major fires during accidents or any other incidents are at all time low due to the safety improvements in electric cars. The body construction is done keeping in mind the durability and safety during collision.
  • Quieter alternative- Switching to electric car gives the joy of silence to the one driving it. The one who has driven petrol/ diesel cars knows the experience of relaxed driving with electric car.
  • Instant torque- This is yet another benefit of driving an electric car that gives a kick start to instant speed at your fingertips.
  • Centre force balanced- The center of balance is maintained due to the placement of batteries at the center of the car on the floor below. The balance and weight distribution is at equilibrium. Zipping past traffic and gliding across round corners becomes easy with it.
Benefits of Electric cars over Petrol/Diesel cars

In conclusion to it all, using and driving an electric car or EV is a better option financially, environmentally and even for safety purpose.

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