Fulfill your childhood dream of seeing Moon on Earth at Chandratal


In our childhood we all wanted to touch the moon and dreamt of bringing it to earth. When you visit the Chandratal Lake, this is what you will exactly experience when you go on a trip to Spiti Valley to reach Chandratal Lake. The best thing about this lake is that it is crescent shaped and thus the name Chandratal or the Moon Lake.

Located at an altitude of 4270 Meters, the beauty of this lake is at its peak during winters covered in snow surrounded by snowcapped mountains it exudes a mystical feeling. As legend has it the Ancient tale of Mahabharata, the greatest Epic is where this lake became the pivotal point for all. It is said that Yudhishtra the eldest brother of Pandava was guided to heaven in his mortal form by Indra. For this reason it becomes yet another attraction for people to visit this lake and experience the vibes of the ancient time imprinted a significant event.

Ideal time to visit Chandratal?

Planning a trip to Chandratal? The best time of the year would be:

  • May to early October due to the ideal weather conditions.
  • Keep in mind the Lunar cycle where you would want to plan the day of full moon to experience idyllic beauty of this lake. The gleaming effect of the lake water reflecting the Moon is the best that you will experience.
  • You will enjoy looking at the open sky view of shooting stars that makes it absolutely must to visit at the right time.
  • The beauty of spring season covering the valley with numerous exotic, wild and colorful flowers will fill your heart with delight.

Traveling to Chandratal

Reaching Chandratal has two routes traveling from Delhi to Chandratal via Manali and the other one is from Delhi to Shimla:

Route 1

Delhi » Mandi » Kullu » Manali » Rohtang La (3978 Meters) » Gramphoo » Chattru » Battal » Chandratal

Route 2

Delhi » Shimla » Narkanda » Karcham » Powari » Puh » Nako » Tabo » Kaza » Losar » Kunzum La (4551 Meters) » Chandratal

Lodging and Camping for Travelers

You will love the view of the lake and camping is the best option that you have got without compromising on modern amenities. You can enjoy the wilderness galore with landscape beauty of the nature at the dedicated camping site where you can pitch a tent. Other options are PWD guest houses available at Batal and other options with well-set camps for travelers.

  • Entry Fee (1500 INR) with advance booking option is available.
  • Fee varies on chosen camping site.
  • Stay of one day near the lake available to view the natural beauty of the lake in scenic colors.

Food Options

As it is a remote location and the sight is located at height , food options are not much.

  • Vegetarian food is available
  • Lentils, mix vegetables and rice
  • Tea and coffee are made available

Entry Fees: INR 1,500 and above per person depending on the camp retreat you choose

Location: Middle Himalaya, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Site Seeing in and Around Chandratal

  • Sissu Lake for strikingly beautiful waterfalls and scenic beauty.
  • Kunzum Pass located at 15 km from Chandratal Lake popular for its Kunzum Devi temple.
  • Darcha for trekking fun and most popular tourist destination with available camping site leading you to Zanskar Valley.
  • Suraj Tal can be reached via trekking tail after 2-3 day trek from Chandratal. Good for motorbike riders and trekking enthusiasts. Popular for the streams of Bhaga river. Popularly the lake is an ode to the Sun God and thus the name. It stands as 3rd highest lake in the country.
  • Bara Shigri Glacier popular as the largest glacier in Himachal in the Chandra valley. Measuring 25 kms in length and 3km in width resting atop the middle Himalayan ranges slopes.
  • Baralacha La is one of the major attractions at Manali-Leh road. The pass connects  Zanskar Valley and Pir Panjal the most popular mountain ranges in our country.

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