Get Rid of Lockdown Boredom with these Popular Web Series

series to watch

Lockdown is the time when you are confined within your home premises and it seems dull not to have something exciting to add up to your day. However, if you are not aware of what is available online and have not yet subscribed to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hot star then you are definitely missing something. These three channels are there to serve the most delicious content ever that you can imagine, keeping you busy throughout the day during the lockdown, it serves some amazing webseries that you too should binge watch.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video?

The Family Man

Indian thriller that is based on the life of a spy who lives the life of a normal family man, hence the name. He is undercover who saves the day by thwarting the plans of terrorists. Manoj Bajpayee is in the lead role that makes it interesting to watch .

Made in heaven

Drama, that spins around the lives of people involved in marital relationships. The story of two wedding planners who are trying to keep it together despite their own differences.

Laakhon Mein Ek S2

If you love the watching series based on the medical backdrop then this is the one for you. The protagonist is a girl who is a brilliant doctor and she goes through numerous hardships when she plans to set up a medical camp in a remote village.

Four More Shots Please!

If you loved the Sex and the City then you will love this one too, loosely based on the theme. Spins around a group of close friend who are facing modern age problems and find their own way dealing with it. Filled with drama, emotions, sensual scenes and all the spice a chick flick offers.


This one stars R. Madhavan in the lead role as a father who is tending to his terminally ill son and does everything to keep him alive.

Inside Edge

Drama/ reality where politics mixes with the IPL and a lot of controversies are spinning around. Watch it for Vivek Oberoi in the lead role.

What to watch on Netflix?

series to watch

Delhi Crime

Shefali Shah in the lead role does justice to this reality crime series. An honest cop who is doing all in her power to let the truth prevail and justice be served. It is all behind the scene where the real thing happens.

Taj Mahal 1989

A bit of drama with a mix of romance is what this is all about, the story of three couples and their views of marriage and relationships.

Sacred Games

 Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead roles in this crime/ thriller series that has lot of action and politics involved.


A village in Jharkhand where the story takes place related phishing scams and how the lives of numerous people are affected. Watch it if you like crime thriller set in remote village and cybercrime series.


The protagonist Radhika Apte has acted well in this horror series that is different from your usual one. Arab folklore monster ghoul where the protagonist is doing her best to seek the truth in challenging situations with a twist of supernatural element.


The horror/ supernatural series spinning around a haunted mansion where the family moves only to discover a typewriter that writes the stories turning each one of them true. However, the truth is something else when the actual reason comes to forefront.

series to watch

Bard of Blood

The action / drama series has Emraan Hashmi in the lead role, this is a spy thriller based on espionage and lots of situations where the protagonist is trying to reveal the truth.

21 Sarfarosh – Saragarhi 1897

Watch it for amazing performance by Mohit Raina aka Mahadev fame actor. The story is thriller based on the movie Kesari, on the Battle of Saragarhi with 65 episodes that captures the essence of it all.

What to watch on Hot star?

GOT or Game of Thrones

If you still have not yet seen it then watch it uninterrupted on Hot star and enjoy the series. All about politics, drama, action, supernatural and romance all in one, everyone fighting for the honor of winning their power position on the throne.

series to watch

West world

Thriller/ drama series where a theme park is made for the visitors with different backdrop often a village, a high-tech park and every time the setting is different with a mix of people and humanoids or human like robots difficult to differentiate living and playing a different roles to amuse the visitors. However, often people die mysteriously and no one knows why? Is it a game or alternate reality, you decide.


Political drama with lots of political humor, satire and jokes spinning around the life and efforts of the lady vice president starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus aka the Elaine of Seinfeld. She makes you smile and laugh effortlessly.


Crime/ thriller series based on Israeli series by the same name with an Indian twist. The female protagonist is forced to choose become a political assassin to save the lives of her family members held hostage by anonymous dangerous criminals.

Criminal Justice

Based on a British crime series by the same name it spins around politics, drugs and murders. Watch it for the immaculate performance given by Pankaj Tripathi as the cab driver accused of the murder of his passengers which he doesn’t remember committing.

Special Ops

The protagonist Kay Kay Menon is the officer who is working undercover to reveal the identity of the 6th attacker of the Parliament assault. Thriller/ drama/ reality/ crime.

The Office

Remake on the popular sitcom by the same name, it is all about the humor and fun revolving around the office employees and their lives within the office. It lightens up the day and you will be able to relate to the characters going through the same situation as yours at times in the office.

These web series are binge watch worthy and with a mix of thrill/ horror/ drama and reality you will enjoy your lockdown with relative ease without stress.

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