Guide to Safety Gear for Adventure Riders

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Safety is paramount when it comes to adventure biking. It hardly makes any difference whether you are a newbie or an experienced adventure rider; it is all about investing in the right equipment that pays itself by keeping you safe throughout your adventure. On a general note jeans with hiking boots are still stylish, but it is more about finding the right gear and spending money over it that is more of an investment.

Adventure Gear

Let us begin from the basics of adventure gear and then move on to the advance level. Given below are some of the guidelines that will help you find the right match for an adventure rider like you.

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You always need a helmet for your safety, it is the most necessary gear that cannot be neglected, following things should be considered prior to purchasing it:

  • Full helmet should be used when you require maximum coverage around your face and head. Visor must be covering it to protect your eye that can be rotated up. You can choose the visor type for instance, dark tint, light tint, different color variants, as per your need. You may choose GDM Duke Helmets DK-350.
  • ¾ Helmet is required for the purpose of covering the back of your head and the top and side. Visors with these helmets are flip down style. It is ventilated properly and you can hear your surroundings. Schuberth C3 Pro is one such example.
  • ½ Helmet is often also called the brain bucket as it covers the top of the head along with the partial covering for back and side just like Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber. It doesn’t cover the face; the rider can choose other kinds of eye protection like goggles or glasses. Due to its style it is least of protective among the other two styles mentioned earlier.


You must be thinking jacket is only for the time when it’s cold, but no, you need it all the times.

  • Textile mesh jacket is lightweight and a functional one. Reflective inserts add up to the coloring on the jacket that is easily visible at all the times. It is snug fit and you can wear it upon a thick layer of clothing when you need extra warmth. In warm weather you can wear the jacket alone upon your t shirt for comfortable ventilation.
  • Leather jacket is good to go when you want to sport a rugged look it comes with additional mesh and protective panels. You can choose from high-flow mesh fabric when you need proper ventilation or tight-knit cowhide leather, zippers on pockets and wrists, closures for security, reflective material is on the outer arms for night visibility. Puma for instance offers additional armor too.
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If you think you can go with any set of pants then you are not aware of the different kinds of fabrics that come in play for a rider, check out these:

  • Pants come in different variety like textile, Kevlar, denim and leather. Depending on the riding style each is made for different purpose.
  • Textile pants comprise of second layer that comes over the shorts or regular pants. These can be worn over your pants as it also comes with removable linings that give extra warmth or these can be done away with when you are traveling in warm weather. Andes V2 Drystar is one example of all seasons pants that offers protection, is ventilated, is waterproof and keeps the rider dry.
  • Denim is better when you want to avoid abrasive resistance especially during a fall if it so happens. Icon 1000 Varial is a denim hybrid that is known to provide ample protection and stretch around thigh and butt for comfort fit. Additionally, it provides protection against water and mild snow.
  • Kevlar is good that is one of the styles similar to denim with added protection that helps the rider keep safe during a ride in mountains or wild tracks with high impact areas. Good for those who like to go mountain biking.
  • Leather pants come with abrasive knee pucks that touch the ground often worn by speed bike riders in races. Additional protection is on the knees, butts and hips. It is one of the best in protection pant gear. Also good for dirt bikers as it provides maximum protection to sensitive areas on impact. AGV Sport pants are good to go for this purpose.
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Suits come in one and two piece matching gear that provides similar protection as pants and jackets. However, choosing one-piece suits gives you better waterproof protection.

  • Choose what feels comfortable for you whether it is one or two piece suite. Both are easy to attach at the waist.
  • One piece leathers gives comfort and you can let the upper part hang behind when you are feeling a bit warm. Stretch panels at knees, arms and crotch provides comfort for the rider as offered by Alpinestars Challenger II. Mesh liners are provided for ventilation and to keep the rider cool.


Riding boots are different from your regular boots given the fact that these are designed rider-specific features with additional safety.

  • Laces on the boots are on the inside for avoiding tangling while riding.
  • Boots should be good to go for adventure riding and off-roading equally just like Gaerne Balanced Oiled that provides protection to the foot keeping it dry and the external buckles keeps your foot secure.
  • Boots for riders have a shifter pad that aids the rider in easy shifting of gears with secure buckles or triple stitching for added durability. Additionally, these should be good for longer rides just like Highway 21 Spark that are good for adventure trailing and long highway rides.
  • These boots are above the ankle footwear to avoid common motorcycle injuries and protect the ankle and lower leg from impact.
  • Boots for adventure riders are made from good quality leather for providing abrasion resistance at the maximum level. Royal H2O boots made from high quality leather provides maximum protection and are stylish too.
  • Textile boots with high abrasive materials too are available that provide dual purpose of ventilation as well as waterproofing.
  • Leather reinforcements and often replaceable plastic is offered for high wear areas like heels, shifter pads and toes just like the one offered by Joe Rocket Speedmaster 3.0. The rider can conveniently change it when it gets worn out.
  • A metal toe protector is yet another option that you can choose as added protection to your toe.
  • Choose a treated leather boot for maximum protection in rainy season that would avoid water absorption.


These are important too as it provides the much needed protection to the hands of the rider and often providing the grip. Natural reaction of preventing the fall is putting the hands to and this is where the gloves help you.

  • Additional padding and protection to knuckles, fingers and back of the hands are often provided including that on the palm with Alpinestars GP Racer. Of course good for speed racers and dirt bikers, equally good for mountain biking too.  
  • Textile blends provide protection against abrasion and are waterproof too.
  • Snug fitting with layers and buttons for manipulating the riding and fumbling through the turns are the qualities of good gloves.
  • There are different varieties like Kevlar knuckles or carbon one with wrist protection and ventilation.
  • Touring gloves are specially made for ventilation and protection against hot or cold environment.
  • Lightweight gloves offer better support when you plan an urban trip; these extend beyond your wrists to help you with a smooth ride worn with a jacket.
  • If you are the person who likes operating mobile then touch screen compatible glove that can be worn on your right hand or the dominant hand for the purpose of operating your mobile device while staying protected just like Tour Master Cold Tex 3.0 made of goatskin good to go for all round biking experience.
  • Extreme cold weathers or riding in winters towards the mountains require warm hands that can quickly work on the handles like Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Heated that provide internal heating with dual lithium-ion batteries. Additionally these are breathable, waterproof and provide 4 hours of heating with different heat settings as per the cold environment.
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Additional Safety Gear

The basics of each kind of adventure ride and the protection gear are already mentioned, but there is more, these additional safety gears are:

  • Body armor that is good for overall protection with long sleeve armor shirt.
  • Additional protection is required on the elbows, shoulders, chest and back especially for mountain biking and dirt biking.
  • Armored vest with protection that includes armor vests or even pants that snug fit the rider with extra layer.
  • Guards for knee, elbow and shin for riders who are into sports/ adventure biking. These gears are adjustable as per the need of the rider.
  • Protection for eyes required proper goggles like impact protection eye wear that is good for adventure bikers.
  • Protection for ears is equally required like extra padding in the helmet for ears or earplugs that does the job. It helps reduce the static along with loud noises in the environment.

With all that is mentioned above, this is where we conclude the safety gear for adventure riders. It is essential to get these for your own safety and comfort. As an adventure rider and sports enthusiast, you should be able to choose the right one out of the mix as per your riding need.

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