How Does A Blogger or Vlogger Make Himself Reliable Through Photography And What Would He Need For That?

How Does A Blogger or Vlogger Make Himself Reliable Through Photography And What Would He Need For That?

Before we get into the essentials of our discussion I suggest we first get our basics clear. Basics about blogging and vlogging. I have sorted the topics in the following format for an easy understanding of the same. Hope it helps you all.

Who’s a blogger and a vlogger and what’s the difference between the two?
What’s the most sought after topic for blogging as well as vlogging? How to choose?
What is travel photography all about?
What’s the right equipment to aid travel photography?

Who’s a blogger and a vlogger and what is the difference between the two?

As we all have been aware of it, man is a social being. He likes to talk, express, share, review and get reviewed for who he is or what he does. Sometimes he does it out of pleasure while the other times there are other motivational factors like business or appreciation from fellow beings. I know it’s not hard to believe that we all crave to interact with each other for different reasons though. Prior to the existence of social media it was a tough and tiring task to reach out to a large group of people at one go. Thanks to the internet that has empowered us all with a platform which we can share universally. Connectivity is no longer an issue. It is this extensive connectivity that lead to blogging and vlogging.

  • Blogger/Blogging: It’s the creation of that personal space on the internet which belongs only and only to the creator i.e. the blogger. No certification is required to create your blog. A blogger is any person who wishes to share his stories, experiences or reviews with the rest of the world that too at the convenience of being at home. Basically blogging is nothing but social networking with a universal audience. Blog is an acronym of weblog.
  • Reasons to blog: The need to blog is not personal anymore. It’s become more professionally and commercially oriented. The more popular your blog the more prospects of you making money by placing ads on your blogsites which in turn pay you for all the promotion they receive. Enticing, isn’t it? Product promotion, career advice, entertainment and social awareness are some other reasons why people get into blogging for.
  • Vlogger/vlogging: Blogging through the medium of videos is called as vlogging. And one who does that is a vlogger. If you want to share any of the video that you have created that showcase any of your unique talents then YouTube is the place for you. It provides a platform for vlogging universally. Just as blogging, vlogging too offers a successful career if you do it the right way. You get paid through sponsorship and ads that can be placed within your videos.
  • Difference between blogging and vlogging: The medium of expression is the only difference between a blogger and a vlogger. While a blogger uses words, photos and videos to express himself/herself, a vlogger exclusively uses only videos to express himself/herself. The ways in which the originator of the content can make money remains the same. Popularity of the blog or the vlog is what determines the success of the writer or creator.

Now that we know what’s blogging and vlogging all about, we can inevitably draw a conclusion that photography is the key to the success of both of them. You’ll be happy to know that there’s no hard and fast rule that a person can be only a blogger or a vlogger at a given point of time. I am a blogger and a vlogger myself and Canon’s G7X Mark II compact digital camera is my latest possession for the purpose.

Check it out below to find all the technical details of the equipment.

What’s the most sought after topic for blogging as well as vlogging? How to choose?

The topic for Blogging or vlogging should be as natural as possible to the blogger or vlogger for it to be far reaching and impressive. For instance, if you are a person who loves wildlife and you start a blog about something which you lack interest in then you cannot hold on to it for a longer time. Let us ponder over some potential blog or vlog topics.

  • Travel blogging/vlogging: If you are a travel enthusiast and love going around and exploring new places then a blog or vlog about your trips is a must for you. All you need to do is record all your travel experiences either in words or in photos or videos to help the readers gain information regarding the places you have been to. Let  me tell you through travel photography you can provide a virtual experience to your readers which is usually very admired but the readers. There are many travel vloggers like me who keep trying their luck’s but remember, the one who is best at reproducing his experiences as close to reality as possible is the winner. After a thorough research and my own experiences I suggest a few equipment which will be very helpful for you to experience uninterrupted and clear quality travel photography while you vlog.

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  • Education: Eagerness to learn about new courses, their whereabouts, the practicality of the courses or training programs is something you love to nurture then a blog or a vlog on educational topics is the right thing to dive into. You need to keep yourself updated with the changing needs of time so as to reflect the same in your blogs or vlogs to help your readers with it. Remember, the more authentic information you share the better would be the traffic to your blogs. You need to brush up your photography skills for these types of blogs too to be as authentic as possible.
  • Cooking: You can start a blog or vlog if cooking is your forte. Since you already love cooking all that you are left to do is click or record your recipes in the most appealing way to add to the appetite of the readers. As you all know, no matter how tasty your recipe might be it’s the presentation of the dish which decides it’s fate. So happy clicking!!!
  • Gardening: Nature’s way is the best way, isn’t it? I am sure if you admire nature and spend most of your time in nurturing your plants in the backyard garden or a kitchen garden then a blog vlog on gardening is a must for you. Hold on, you need to be perfectly recording the developments in your garden as and when they happen to keep your readers glued to your blog or vlog. Factual information is the key to success of your blog or vlog. The more of it you provide the better number of readers you’ll be able to attract.

How to choose? I have given you a glance of it all but trust me there cannot be a better judge for us apart from ourselves. So the ball lies in your court. Whether you choose to blog or vlog, the most significant effort that’s going to make it successful is photography. The closest you get to reality through your pictures and videos the better perspective it shall offer to your readers.

What is travel photography all about?

Every place has it’s own style, content and essence. Best travel photography I one which captures all these above said virtues. When we visit places, we experience many things for the first time and the senses that get tickled at these experiences need to be preserved through travel photography. Only then there shall be a chance of we reliving those moments and also express the same excitement to our spectators. Don’t you agree?  Let me give you a sneak peek of how to get the professional photographer within you to work.

  • Research: This forms the base of excellent travel photography. You need to be aware of the crowd puller quality of the place that you are in. As, that is what you need to capture in your photos or videos to make it an interesting place to be in.
  • Customs and traditions: Get yourself introduced to the customs and traditions of the place. Being aware always empowers you to click the right pictures on the right moment.
  • First impressions: Keep hunting for all the first impressions of almost everything you come across. Never forget, these are the triggers of those beautiful memories that shall eventually die somewhere down the line if you do not capture them appropriately.
  • Essence of the place: Ascertain the exact rhythm of life, the accurate essence of place and time that you wandering in. And then click, there you go. Like a professional travel photographer.

No matter how much you indulge yourself in the course of travel photography, the essential support system that you need to successfully accomplish the task is the right camera with the right features.

I have given the details of it all in the link given below:


What’s the right equipment to aid travel photography?

As I had mentioned earlier, the right equipment for a the base of successful travel photography. What does the right equipment mean? I have broke down the features in the form of a list which will be easy for you understand

  • Frames per second: First and foremost is the amount of frames per second that can be captured by a camera mean a lot. Larger the number of frames, better for you.
  • Wide screen capture: The screen capturing capability of the camera should be wide enough to facilitate better picture.
  • Screen resolution: A camera that offers better videos and photos resolution is always desirable.
  • Waterproof: As it’s going to be used for travel photography, under water conditions shouldn’t be ignored. Always go for a camera with better waterproof protection.
  • Stable images: Since travel photography I something that’s going to be on the run, the image stabilization capability of the camera is a must to suit the photography circumstances.
  • Night mode: A camera with a better night mode is always superior for the purpose of travel photography. You never know when would you need your camera to give a low light performance hence opt for a better night mode equipment.
  • Others: Image enhancement quality, better voice control, time lapse recording are a few more features to look for in a camera that could aid uninterrupted travel photography experience.

Go through the link to check out the camera that not only best suits you but also suggests you a better place to find it at an affordable price.

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