Learn what is travel insurance and why it’s important

travel Insurance

Traveling is an amazing experience, but going through unprecedented hassles and loss is not. Similarly, when the world is going through the COVID-19 crisis it is essential that you stay safe. In order to save yourself from any incurring unforeseen incidents that may ruin your trip, it is essential to get travel insurance. Having a safety net to ensure that your trip is pleasurable without having to go through any medical emergency whether in flight or traveling to your destination by any means is important. Other things like losing a passport, or having your baggage misplaced or unforeseen medical expenses, it is good to safeguard yourself and your family. For this purpose purchasing travel insurance becomes important. Let us learn all about it, what is it exactly and how can you benefit from it?

What is travel insurance?

It is a plan that enables the traveler to stay protected against any financial risks that may occur due to emergency medical treatment or losses that they may face during the course of their travel.  More like getting additional protection financially, that benefits the insurer to receive assisted services anywhere they travel. Travel and medical experts are connected to the traveler to help them during any emergency and provide all the help needed. For example, at times a traveler may go through a medical emergency feeling sick during their travel, due to the pandemic they may feel stranded, but medical experts will arrive to help them at the right time if you are covered.

Remember, medical and travel experts are always there to help you as they keep monitoring you with care, they may even serve the purpose of being your interpreters and even help you with medical treatment when required.

What should you all know about travel insurance?

  • Benefits are as per the plans purchased by the traveler. You can choose the plan that fits your budget and needs.
  • Often travel insurance is designed to only cover for specific situations, losses, or events that are covered within the purchase under some given conditions.
  • Unforeseen events are covered in travel insurance, but all is not covered. Travel insurance is not about events that you already foresee coming, like purchasing travel insurance to your Hawaii trip before the hurricane hits, it will not be covered.

How does travel insurance work?

If you have filed for car insurance then it is similar to the process of filing with travel insurance too. If a person goes through an accident involving their car then they get it covered. Similarly, when someone purchases travel insurance, then they are covered for any unforeseen circumstances during their travel that is liable for the claim and reimbursed with. Claims can be filed or reimbursement can be filed for delayed baggage or even for purchasing clothes that are often covered by travel insurance.

You can purchase a plan online for cruise, airfare, or even booking of a vacation rental. It is different for each company and scenario. It is essential to pay attention to what is being covered by which company or plan that you wish to purchase.

travel Insurance

Choosing the right plan

There are some things that you may like to consider for choosing the right plan for your travel insurance, these are:

  • Different benefits are offered with specific limits that you should check.
  • Share the details like trip costs, dates, and your age that will help render a few plans online offered by a said company. Comparing the costs and benefits then becomes easy.
  • For those who are budget-conscious travelers, they need to check the cancellation plan that may provide the trip cancellation, interruption, or delay trip benefits.
  • Protection in medical emergencies while you travel abroad then you will need to check for the emergency plan offered by the company. Medical and emergency transportation benefits should be covered by the plan.
  • Post-departure benefits plans too are offered in travel insurance that is essential to be considered.
  • If you are a family where you have kids under 17 then check the plan accordingly where minors are covered free when they are traveling with a grandparent or a parent.
  • Planning frequent trips within a year then considering a travel insurance plan that includes annual plan giving you the benefit of medical emergencies, cancellation or interruption of the trip, baggage related insurance, car rental, or damage protection.

What is the right time to purchase travel insurance?

Life is uncertain and troubles come uninvited, for this reason, it is essential to purchasing a plan prior to experiencing any crises. Timing is everything when it comes to seeking protection against events that arrive unforeseen.

Now during the pandemic, if you decide to travel then it is essential that you purchase travel insurance. Purchase a plan prior to facing any health risk or medical emergency is better than facing any unpleasant experience.

travel Insurance

Should you purchase travel insurance?

Now the question is should you purchase travel insurance, well, you need to first consider some facts prior to deciding this. It is essential to first determine the destination, cost, and who all are traveling with you that is what primarily matters the most.

Consider travel insurance for the following reasons:

  • Consider travel insurance when you are traveling abroad or to a remote area without a close emergency medical facility.
  • You should purchase travel insurance to be protected against any sudden emergency that may arrive due to COVID-19.
  • If you do not want to lose money due to pandemic delaying your plan with money invested in the trip, then you need to get yourself insured.
  • Travel insurance is essential when you are traveling with your geriatric parents or even with your under 17 kids. They need protection and care.
  • It is good to get travel insurance when you know that the trip is essential for you and the weather is uncertain and so is the pandemic that may delay the trip or you might be stranded in-between.
travel Insurance

Traveling safe in COVID-19

  • Always wear masks and follow the pandemic protocols when you are traveling.
  • Ensure that you keep a sanitizer with you and keep sanitizing your hands when you touch any surface in public.
  • Avoid going out in a place that may be crowded like national parks, heritage sites, trips to joyrides, and crowded restaurants.
  • It is better to say inside the hotel if you are not feeling well and inform the staff about it.
  • Avoid traveling if you are not feeling fit.
  • If it is possible to take a road trip to your destination then it is better to travel in your personal car as you can control your travel and avoid meeting or running into people.
  • As per experts taking flight is yet another safe way to reach your destination as catching infection in-flight is very low. It is also due to the fact that aircraft have HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrester) filters that are known to work 99.999% times for keeping off the dust particles and viruses, bacteria, this ensures the best quality cabin air. However, as per health experts and specialists, it is better to get a window seat that will help you get extra protection.
  • Carrying antibacterial wipes is yet another way to clean the surfaces around you even in flight or trains where you can clean your seat, the surface of air vent pockets, armrests, and other such areas where you may come in contact personally.
  • Ensure that you stay hydrated to avoid cabin dryness when you are taking a flight. Same goes when you are traveling in a dry area or extremely hot weather, carrying your own water bottle is suggested.

Unforeseen circumstances and accidents may occur at any given time, it is essential that you purchase travel insurance that will help you see through a difficult time. At times it is possible that you or your loved one may have to face a medical emergency, the only thing that will save the day will be when you are covered for a medical emergency in your travel insurance plan. Getting assisted at the right time and at the right place by your insurance cover is what is essential, knowing that you are being taken care of at all the times is what makes your trip safe and enjoyable.

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