My List Of Must-Dos When Planning A Bike Trip: Royal Rider Dinesh

Bike set for travel

Biking as a passion:  For people who are not novice to my blogs and enjoy following my travel blogs have by now recognised that biking is my passion. Passion least describes my inclination towards bike riding. Fetish for adventure travelling and enthusiasm for bikes go hand in hand. I am sure that you must have been assured of this hypothesis, aren’t you? Trust me, they are not poles apart and once you don the hat of a rider you won’t even realise when have you transformed into an adventure biking addict. It’s not all a bad space to be in. Provided you equip each and every ride of yours with proper planning and execute it diligently.

Getting Set

India’s perception of adventure biking: In India people are slowly but steadily taking up adventure motorcycle tours quite often now. You might be startled to know that in the West people pursue adventure motorcycle tours very tirelessly and frequently.

Why adventure biking? Reason being very logical, it is believed that adventure motorcycle tours not only promote the inner peace of an adventure seeker but also makes the trailer feel good about the entire experience. And you know the cost of mental peace in a depression stricken society today. Also, adventure motorcycle tours are good enough to make you fitter while deriving utmost happiness undertaking it, now isn’t that enticing?

There’s more to biking than just adventure: The freedom that comes along is just so precious and worth taking the efforts. I know its temptingly drawing your attention towards it to just grab your bike and get on with a trip ASAP. The icing on the cake has yet not been revealed and that is gaining the companionship of like minded people whom you come across while venturing onto one of your life’s most adventurous motorcycle trips. Well, now that I have given you reasons captivating enough to hop on to your bike and get started with a motorcycle tour, let me help you further by assisting you in planning one. To ease the task for you let me make a to do list on how to plan a safe yet adventurous bike trip. Please watch a demo of how I personally plan for a bike riding trip at

(1) Choose your destination: To start with, it’s imperative that you zero in on a destination that not only suits your taste but whose weather and route conditions favour your travelling preferences as well. For instance, though you must be dying to do it, but it might not be very wise to plan a bike trip to Ladakh during the peak winter season. I hope you understood what I meant, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

(2) Draft an itinerary: Once the destination has been decided the next best thing that you can do is have an itinerary planned well in advance and take a back up of the route that you need to follow. As they say to err is human, there’s always a vague chance of you forgetting the route or getting mislead on your way. Asking the locals for the directions in case you get lost is a good option as well, it’s time consuming though. However, it’s always better to have a route backup in order to have a fair sense of the destination. As getting back on the right track after getting lost is not only time and energy draining but also disturbs your entire trip. Take my advice and always take a reference from fellow bikers who have had been to the same destination recently, trust me , it only helps!

(3) Prep up the bike: The next thing to worry about is the machine that you plan to accompany you in this adventure motorcycle tour of yours. Yes, you need to ensure that your bike is compatible enough to make the trip most memorable and gratifying one for you. It requires proper planning and timely execution.

  • Identify the technical changes that you need to make in your bike to suit the adventures that you plan to embark on during the tour.
  • The comfort of the seat and the handle bars, the focus intensity of the headlights, the storage capacity and exhaust options all need to be carefully worked on to get a supportive bike performance by enhancing your comfort levels and safety.
  • Remember, bike riding is not just a style statement but a responsibility that you need to shoulder with utmost care which also influences all your fellow bikers who aspire to set on a similar journey as yours. So, put the best foot forward. Plan in advance to get the bike ready by the time of your adventure trip.

(4) Checklist of the protective gear: Now that your machine is ready, reach out for a pen and draft the checklist of things you might need. Things like motorcycle protective gear, touring motorcycle boots, casual motorcycle boots, travel accessories, motorcycle touring equipment, long distance motorcycle riding gear and motorcycle trip essentials need to be identified. Let us get into some details on how to chose the most appropriate motorcycle protective gear for adventure riding. Mostly amateur adventure bikers fall prey to looks of the motorcycle protective gear rather than the practicality they offer while purchasing one. Unfortunately, they realize it only after getting on with the ride. But the good news is that won’t be the case anymore, as I am here to give you the insight into choosing the most appropriate touring accessories and equipment that would be perfect for a motorcycle tour in India. So, won’t you all hail the savior? Jokes apart, let’s get on to explore the best motorcycle protective gear. Please go through a few essentials that I have reviewed for you at

Protection Gear
  • Helmet to choose: Always chose dirt bike helmets as opposed to adventure helmets. While on adventure motorcycle tours in India you tend to drive at a slower speed thus exposing yourself to more dust and dirt. Dirt helmets are meant to ease the ride since they provide better ventilation and also are lighter in weight as compared to the adventure helmets. A few miles into the ride, an adventure helmet is sure to frustrate you due to it’s heavy weight and minimal provision for ventilation. A dirt helmet allows a large port for eyes which enables you to wear goggles. And goggles minimalize the fogging that occurs due to breathing and further only adds to your comfort levels. However, both dirt and adventure helmets suit varied preferences of adventure riding in India. Like, for short trips with an off road ride dirt helmet is a perfect fit whereas for a longer trip with a balanced off and on road ride adventure helmet is a safe bet.
  • The perfect jacket: When it comes to selecting a jacket for adventure bike riding in India, it should always be essentially borne in mind that not all that is expensive is the best. The one kind of jacket that is intended to serve it’s owner all through the year while adventure motorcycle riding in any part of India has the potential to keep you safe from getting drenched with it’s waterproofed exterior and also keeps you warm with its thermal lined interior. And the good news is that you do not need to liquidate all your deposits to buy this. The other kind of jackets that are available in the market are good enough to protect you against rain only. To fight the cold winds you need to add your own layers to it. There are bike jerseys also at your disposal which promise a strong armor to your elbows and chest but nothing more than that to shield yourself against the weather conditions.
  • The suitable gear for lower body: You shouldn’t be surprised to know that the pants necessarily need not match the Jersey or jacket that you choose to wear. Go for stuff that offers better durability with favorable conditions for the body while on an adventure motorcycle trip in India. What applied for the jackets stands true in case of pants as well. The expensive one is not always the best. So it’s up to you to be judicious enough to prioritise your safety.
  • The boots and the gloves: There is always a never ending conflict between safety and practicality. I am sure that you agree with me that the fight gets tougher when there creeps in the third parameter in the already unsolved equation of style and safety, the price. The amount of padding and weight of the footwear and gloves needs close review while shopping for better motorcycle touring boots. For the best motorcycle touring boots experience don’t forget to check if the outer size of the shoe fits well on the bike without causing any inconvenience while on a longer ride. Too much of insulation and water proofing of the gloves or boots will not only add excessive weight to the motorcycle touring boots but also cause unexplained fatigue to you as a rider. For your convenience I have uploaded a video of myself shopping for the accessories that I need. Please have a look at

Essentials to carry along: It’s time to get ready with other motorcycle trip essentials that you need to carry along.

Packing carefully
  • Water: A built in water source that’s good to keep you hydrated for a longer time and also has sipper connection that’s easily accessible is imperative when on an adventure motorcycle bike riding in India. Remember, water is your best friend, so stay hydrated to be able to make the most of your trip. I strictly advise to prioritize the quality of the water bag and please never carry any aerated or artificiality sweetened beverages to the water bag as it might lead to bacterial growth and eventually to infections. If you can’t do with just plain water then you have the option of artificial water boosters that are readily available to add electrolytes and some flavor to the water without leading to any bacterial growth.
  • Extra pairs: Never miss on packing a pair of raincoat and an extra pair of gloves in case your route happens to coincide with a rainy weather. I would suggest against a raincoat made of pure plastic or rubber material as it would only add to your discomfort.
  • Appropriate clothing: Please don’t overload yourself with too many pairs of cotton clothes, rather replace them with microfiber clothing and undergarments as not only their maintenance is hassle free but they take up less space in your already full backpack thus making way for other more significant bike tour accessories. 
  • The backpack: For carrying other bike tour essentials like tent, sleeping bag and water etc it’s wise to opt for a bag with a capacity of 90 liters. A bag with waterproof exterior and rugged look is the most desirable in my opinion. Durable and dependable clamping straps to secure the backpack from falling off your back while riding is of utmost importance.
  • Cooking essentials: A multi fuel stove with multipurpose vessels for cooking is sure to take your satisfaction levels to another altitude. Mark my words for that and you’ll always thank me. There’s nothing like being able to cook your own food while on adventure motorcycle bike riding. The new place adds a memorable aroma and flavor to the food.
  • Toolkits: Always be aware of tools that you might need in case your bike needs it on the way due to some technical hitch. You’ll thank yourself endlessly if you make a provision for a duct tape and a fuel hose in your backpack. As you never know when might the need arise. Be prepared for the least expected.
  • Emergency needs: Snacks, emergency medicines, sanitizers, soft tissues and extra keys to your machine are somethings without which don’t even dare to think of hopping on that bike. As in case of need they not only save your money but also will spare you of the horror that you otherwise might have to face during contingencies. 

So that was all I could sum up from my personal experiences to help you make a motorcycle touring checklist to enable you to make the most of your adventure motorcycle bike riding in India. I wish you all the very best for your upcoming adventure bike tours in India! Keep riding!!!

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