My Rendezvous With Royalty – Riding to Jaipur – Part 2

My Rendezvous With Royalty – Riding to Jaipur – Part 2

From where I last left Jaipur…. As it has so much more in Store!!

Welcome back to the second bulletin of My rendezvous with Royalty – Riding to Jaipur. Through this blog I wish to bring to the notice of prospective Jaipur tourists all those tourist destinations that I missed on during my first trip to Jaipur. During my first trip I thought I saw it all but to my surprise I had not. And believe me after going through this post you shall be stepping into my shoes too. To ease your navigation through this blog I drafted an index part.

Please find it below :

  • The forts
  • The religious places
  • The recreational places
  • The museums
  • Places best suited for trekking and camping

The Forts: The prosperity and thought clarity of any place is depicted by it’s architecture. Winston Churchill has said “ we shape our buildings thereafter they shape us” So very insightful was his thought. The trend of tourists visiting far off places just to take a glance of how few famous structures were made gives us reason strong enough to believe in the above-mentioned quote. Every fort was built with a reason, sometimes beauty inspired them while enhancing practicality of lives for the inmates served as the motivation for the construction. Let’s explore them.

  • Amer fort: The idea of this fort was conceived by Raja Man Singh but eventually Raja Jai Singh completed the work. The fort is built on the banks of river Maota adding to its scenic beauty and the high fort walls proved to be a strong defense during enemy attacks. Sheesh Mahal is the most celebrated part of the fort. Numerous tiles made of mirror were used for the construction with an idea of illuminating the fort with the sunrays. Paintings studded with jewels add to the rich heritage of the place. Doesn’t that illuminate the feeling within you to visit the place?

Special attractions:  Light and sound show and the elephant rides are the special attractions of the palace. The light and sound show and elephant rides are charged separately.

Visiting hours and entry fee: From 8 am to 9 pm with an entry fee of rupees 100 with 📷. Foreign national pay rupees 200 as an entry fee.

  • City Palace: As the name suggests the palace lies in the heart of the city. The famous fusion of the Rajput and Mughal culture is displayed through the architecture used for building this fort. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh constructed this palace that has kept the legacy of the Rajputs alive till date.

City Palace -King Palace Jaipur

Special attractions: The detailed artwork displayed on the peacock gates, the gardens and the museums is sure to make you look at them in aw. Gallery displaying the armory and clothing of the royal family is not to be missed.

Visiting hours and entry fee:  From 9:30 am to 5 pm. Indian Nationals are charged an entry fee of 75 rupees whereas an entry fee of 350 is charged for Non Indians.

  • Jaigarh fort: Known as the armour of the Amer fort, Jaigarh fort was built by Jai Singh II and hence more popularly recalled as a shielding structure rather than a palace. Here we come across an unusual reason for a fort to come into existence.

Special attractions:  The largest cannon on wheels and the Diwa Burj have been preserved really well at the fort and definitely worth a visit.

Visiting hours and entry fee: From 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Indians pay an entry fee of 35 rupees while foreign national pay a fee of rupees 85.

Religious places to visit in Jaipur: There’s no territory on the earth which has no structure of religious significance. Jaipur is no exception. It is the rich mythological history that has added to the charm of age old traditions followed by the population of Jaipur even till this era.

  • Galtaji Temple: The very famous Hindu pilgrimage site in Jaipur is the Galtaji temple with three sacred water pools amidst two big cliffs of granite. No wonder you guessed it, the place is flooded with 🐒. It is the 100 years of meditation done by saint Galav in whose appreciation God blessed this place with immense water. Therefore seven water ponds were constructed here. The Galta pond is believed to be the most sacred one of all.

Special attractions: A dip in these holy ponds during Makar Sankranti is believed to be of great significance. The uninterrupted flow of monkeys are something that’ll keep you entertained. No limit on visiting hours or time.

  • Govindji temple: Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh II was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. It was him who got the idol of Lord Krishna deported from  Vrindavan to be stationed here at the Govindji temple. It is believed that the face of the idol stationed here resembles the face of Lord Krishna during his incarnation on the earth due to the immense devotion with which the idol was moved into this temple.

Special attractions: The most important of all the Lord Krishna which is outside Vrindavan. Through the day seven aartis are offered with bhogs too. All the Krishna bhakts what are you waiting for?

  • Birla Mandir: Also famous as the Lakshmi Narayan temple, this temple is one among the seven Birla Mandir located across the nation. The structure is mainly built with the white marble. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi idols are worshipped with immense devotion here.

Birla-Temple-Jaipur PC Maps of India

The Recreational places:  Recreation has a significant role to play in our character building. A place that offers no recreation is not sought after. Let’s take peek into what Jaipur has to offer us in this genre.

  • Raj Mandir theater: With the history of over 40 years of existence, thisovie theater was designed by W. M. Nam Joshi with an intention of entertaining 1300 people at one go. Isn’t that interesting. The décor and the lighting system in the theater take you on a ride to a fantasy world. Don’t miss to catch up a glimpse of your favorite Bollywood stars if you happen to visit Jaipur.

  • Choki Dhani:  It is a resort whose décor is done up to match the set up of a village. Please don’t underestimate it’s prowess due to it’s theme. It’s a five star resort which has very successfully worked to match the convenience of a modern life while portraying the backdrop of a village. The traditional art and dance forms of Rajasthan and the authentic Rajasthani cuisine is served here. If you’re in to go the folk way then this is the perfect place for you.

Chowkhi Dhani

  • Elephantastic:  For the wild life enthusiast in you, there cannot be a better place than this. A place where just the elephants are not out up on display but the visitors are also allowed to get as close to their favorite animal as possible. Their daily routine and needs are thoroughly explained and there’s an elephant safari also awaiting for your visit. Are you coming?
  • Jhalana leopard conservation reserve: The best place in the country to catch up with the wild cats is the Jhalana leopard conservation reserve. The site on which this reserve is built was once the hunting ground used by the Royal families.  Hence, the Shikari Audhi, the lodging facility used by the royal hunters is also evidenced here.

The Museum: Great minds are everywhere, don’t you agree? Logically the great work done by them deserves a museum. So, let’s get an insight into the great contributions by some great people in Jaipur.

  • Jantar Mantar: Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur built astronomical equipment to study the space. He made five such equipments. These were known as the calculating instruments. Answering the inquisitiveness of the many astronomically inclined tourists, Jantar Mantar stands tall as the world heritage site.

Jantar Mantar Jaipur

  • Albert Hall Museum: Originally built to commemorate Prince of Wale’s visit to Jaipur gradually this structure was turned into a museum displaying local arts and crafts. Subsequently owing to it’s diverse collection it rose to an international level and also has an Egyptian mummy at display. No no, don’t get scared, we still can have loads of fun exploring the museum.  

Albert hall Museum

Places best suited for trekking and camping: Among all the exploration we can’t afford to lose ourselves. And what best can aid in self discovery other than camping and trekking.

  1. Hathni kund: Beginning at the Charan Mandir is the trek of Hathni Kund. Shadowed by thick forests and a waterfall, Charan Mandir offers very scenic views to the trekkers. It’s a trek of 17 kilometers distance.
  2. Sand dunes camping: Nothing seems as romantic as a candle light dinner with a whole range of customizations available amidst the lush greens on one side and the sand dunes on the other side. You can opt for personalized services from driving you to an isolated location to serving you with dining and entertainment services like movies music etc.
  3. Sambhar lake: The largest saline water body in the country, Sambhar lake offers the most sweet memories of your life. Isn’t it strange? Well it’s true. Icing on the cake is the experience of watching the place changing it’s colors as it passes through different parts of the day. A bonfire lit with emotions and some divine music by your side is sure to make your day and lift your spirits up.

I have been going on and on about the tourist places in Jaipur. And realized that they are truly never ending, there is so much beauty, courage, piety and color imbibed in this place that it surely is never ending. I am at a loss of words to further describe Jaipur to you. But I have surely laid a path for to you follow for an easier experience at Jaipur. So come follow me!!

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