Reasons As To Why Hopping On Your Bike To Reach Haripurdhar Is The Best To Do Thing Ever!

If you are a nature’s person and nothing seems enough as long as you are going around in a place of immense natural beauty then join me on my expedition to this beautiful place on my bike the Royal Enfield Classic 350. A place whose beauty is widespread with dollops of shrines here and there to add to it’s splendor. Yes, it’s time to embrace the summer capital of Sirmour, Haripurdhar. In my opinion instead of a few rough patches that you might experience on the bumpy road this place has a memorable trail for biking and hence considered as a biker’s paradise. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.


The place got it’s name from a mountain called Haripur Dhar. It is located at a distance of 160 kilometers from Shimla. A small town in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh is this place located that’s known for it’s lush green beauty across the state. Yes, you heard it right, it’s not explored to it’s full potential yet and so I referred to it as well known town in the state and not in the country. A few years down the line and it wouldn’t be the same anymore. Under the Swadesh Darshan Programme the now Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh has plans  of taking area’s tourism developmental programs up with the centre to develop tourism in Haripurdhar . You definitely need to hold your breath to view this town that is enveloped with beautiful clouds and blooming green trees as the location of the town is nothing less than exotic. Doesn’t it excite you that the town sits as a keeper of a deep valley that serves your appetite for adventure as well? Yes, it surely must and I vouch for that. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself at

What to expect on your journey: I cannot wait to let you get surprised with what you can expect while on your way to Haripurdhar. So here I am letting the cat out of the bag.

  • If you hop on to your bike to reach Haripurdhar through Nauni, then be assured to have a great time at swimming. Yes, you happen to come across a not so big bridge on this way called Giripul where you can spend some gala time at the river while swimming.
  • At a distance of 2 kilometers from this place you find Yashwant Nagar which was christened after the first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar. If you are a history enthusiast then you’ll find this place interesting, spending some time clicking selfies and getting to know more about the place at the historic statue of Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar.
  • Hold on I have a place that supports a shopping expedition for those who love to shop from the local markets. The place is Rajgarh, located at almost 15 kilometers away from our previous destination Yashwant Nagar. Personally, I have a fetish for local produce. And while you are here busy shopping, it is inevitable to miss the spectacular picturesque of the Chile wildlife sanctuary based in the Solan district.
  • Almost 80 kilometers more into the drive from here and finally your destination, Haripurdhar welcomes you with the best of what it has in store for you, the panoramic view of it’s greenery. You need to experience it to believe it.

Haripurdhar weather: With slightly warm summers and extremely cold winters, you can experience a subtropical climate in Haripurdhar. The weather in Haripurdhar cannot be type casted as favorable or unfavorable. I’ll tell you the reason, while few people like it cold whereas others might like anything ranging from moderate to warm weather. So, if you are planning to ditch the summers in your habitat then April to July is the best time frame for you to choose to experience the Haripurdhar weather as the temperature there during these months never touches anything above 25 degrees Celsius. Isn’t it cool? Cool or not, is for you to decide but one thing that I can echo with is that it’s definitely not hot. And now for the winter lovers, you can experience the coldest Haripurdhar weather during the months of December, January and February.

The average temperature of days in Haripurdhar around this time is anything close to 15 degrees Celsius whereas it gets even colder during the nights.The cold Haripurdhar weather might set a limit on your activities during winter but still for people who love winters also know what to enjoy during this time the most. Leisure walks and shooting the snow clad areas are a few among the most favorite winter activities that people prefer.Before you get on with some cheesy ideas of entertainment let meget you back on track. Autumn in Haripurdhar weather visits during the months of September, October and November. The place can be easily explored due to the favorable climate around this time. The temperature in Haripurdhar during this time ranges from 6 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius. Mostly, Haripurdhar is frequented by the tourists in summer as there is a trekking point closely located to this village called the Churdhar trek. I suggest you all to suit your thermal needs when planning to visit this place. Might sound funny but in the reality that’s the parameter that’s going to decide the fate of your favorite activities that you want to indulge in while you are there.

Temples of Haripurdhar:

  • At a distance of 360 kilo meters from Delhi is the Maa Bhangayni temple at Haripurdhar. In the midst of the spell bindingShivalik ranges of the Himalayas,Haripurdhar plays the perfect host to the devotees of Maa Bhangayni. Located at 8000 feet above sea level, this temple is extremely famous among its devotees who throng the place quite regularly.After seeking benevolence from the Goddess Maa Bhangayni, the next thing that the devotees can irresistibly divulge in is devouring the scenic beauty of the Himalayan ranges. The erratic species of blooms, the unheard variety of birds showcasing their uncommon melodies and the exotic varieties of fruits are all that are awaiting the view of their spectators.
  • At Nauradhar, that’s located on the mountains there is a temple of ShirgulMaharaja.Mata Gudiyali and Ma Bijai are some other religious places to be sought after in Haripurdhar, provided your schedule permits you to spend time exploring the region.

Hotels in Haripurdhar: There are numerous hotels in the area in spite of the fact that it is less frequented by blocks of tourists around the year. You can choose what best suits your pocket and preferences. You can expect a price range of 1500 to 11,000 rupeesper day with varied specifications. Like with or without food, etc. Since the tourism industry is seeing an uphill there have been a lot of new hotels and resorts coming up. It can benefit you as fierce the competition lower the prices with superior quality.

Nearby places worth visiting: If you are done going around Haripurdhar and wish to venture into something more then I have a list of interesting and diverse suggestions for you. You need to be sorted with your clothing and food item needs to binge on during untimely hours of necesity, if you are riding. Please go through them below.

  • Renukajiis a distinguished lake that has very fundamental religious as well as tourist significance attached to it. It is nearly 40 kilometers away from Nahan. Boating in this lake is the most sought after tourist activity you can find here. If you have special love for water and boating then his us the place for you. Being present at this lake on the Kartika Ekadashi is considered to be significantly pious deed by the devotees who have a strong penchant for this place. So, if you wish to deliver your religious faith alongside satisfying your appetite for adventure then you now know the time best suited for the purpose.
  • Renuka zoo is the place to visit if you wish to reach a place which was originated with the motive of rescuing stray and deserted animals back in the year 1957. As an animal lover you shall have a special soft corner for this place when u get to know the reason of it coming into existence, isn’t it? You’ll be even more happier to realize that it has grown by leaps and bounds in all these years and has been divided into Lion safari, Zoo, Sanctuary and Aviary. It is now being supervised by the Shimla wildlife division.
  • Habban valley is another exciting destination for wildlife and forest enthusiasts. It is located at a distance of 70 kilometers from Solan district.

I have zoomed on myRoyal Enfield Classic 350  and had an amazing time exploring the unexplored valleys and forests of Haripurdhar. I took a treasure of beautiful scenic views,  visit to religious places, snowfalls drenches, boating, nights spent while trekkingon the lonely mountains andwandering experiences in the local markets of the beautiful, small yet impressive town, Haripurdhar on my way back home with me. So, when you are going to get on the treasure hunt to Haripurdhar? If you find my blog useful you can get more of me at


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