Tips for Students to Achieve Peace of Mind Amid COVID-19


The pandemic is something that we all need to deal with right now and the lockdown is what has put a complete holt on our lives. Everyone is equally going through this, especially the students who are not able to cope with it due to sudden break on their study and a change in their routine life. Not easy during this time for students to keep their mind at peace. However, a few simple tips to follow and they will be able to achieve mindfulness amid COVID-19.

Following are some of the tips for students that will help them achieve peace and get their mind to focus on their studies:


It might seem something like said before; however painting or rather say art has numerous angles to it when it comes to practical application. No one is asking you to be a Picasso or an artist; it is all about using a combination of different colors and let your imagination out on the canvas or the sheet. Why not begin painting your dreams. Think of the canvas as your vision board; begin drawing/ painting whatever you desire or dream of achieving on your journey of life. Not only it will help you focus on your goals, but at the same time it will help you in clarifying your own vision of future. When you are done with your painting, keep it in your eyeshot where you can look at it every day and focus on your dream.


Nurturing a plant

Begin by nurturing a plant, you already have seeds of tomatoes, you can begin by planting a potato and other such vegetables. Begin your own small vegetable garden. It is not an easy task to nurture plants; they require daily care with water, ample sunlight and even protection by rodents. So, you need to take care of it daily. Use natural sprays like neem to keep the pests away from your little plants and to grow them in a healthy way. Additionally, if not this you can begin by planting Tulsi and aloe Vera these are easy to take care of and grow fast.

Practicing yoga

Everyone has heard of it before and many times. It is not just about deep breathing or contorting into different positions, yoga is more than all of this. Yoga means aligning your mind and body in one vibe, it is achieving inner peace and tranquility through practicing different movements that help you relax. Not only do you become flexible, but you build stamina and immunity. Beginning by chanting OM as your daily meditation routine helps in taming the monkey brain and keeping your focus.

Online Courses

Many universities are offering online courses in language and other fields where they are teaching basics as well as advance level as per the requirement of the student opting for it. Easier to follow the online tutorials for whatever course you are yearning to complete or learn about. Language courses, courses on psychology, guitar lessons and even on computer programming all is accessible easily.


Reading is not only confined to giving exams or passing the grade, it is all about learning something, stimulating your intellect and involving your brain cells. Some fictions too are good that teach a lot about life and the journey the hero goes through. You can begin by reading some of the classics like:

  • Ruskin Bond collection
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Amar Chitra Katha
  • 1001 Arabian Nights

Creating collage

Here we are not taking about creating digital collage that is way too easy. You need to get hold of a scrap book and begin by creating a picture collage. Another way of doing it is create a vision board that will have the picture of your dreams or goals you want to achieve and stick on it. This can be kept on your study table where you can have a look at it daily. One more thing that you can do is make a collection of best life quotes and inspirational quotes and start sticking them in the scrapbook by category defined as per your interest. You can even create a board by using the bottom of a shoe box and begin creating your collage from there on.

Building relationships

Staying at home is not easy, but isolating yourself with videogames and food in your room is worse. It is essential to get involved with the family and build your relationship with your parents, grandparents and siblings too. Begin by reading daily news for your grandparents, helping your mother in the kitchen, helping your younger siblings with their homework, cleaning the house and shopping groceries. Getting involved with the family is where your relationships begin nurturing and you develop a sense of belonging.


Playing board games

Even though Ludo is available online, but with family playing this game is more fun. Begin playing board games like Ludo, chess, monopoly and even picture puzzles with your family, it helps getting all involved all at once. You will create memories for a lifetime where the whole family came together as one.   Additionally, these games help in sharpening your cognitive skills.

Closet Cleaning

Do not let your closet be cluttered, as a cluttered closet only means chaos in mind and life. Cleaning your closet is an act of cleaning up the clutter and negativity out of your life and setting in a positive force. Begin by making two piles of things that you need and things that you do not need or will not need. When you are done you can donate the books, clothes and items that are not required to charity.

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