Tips to Maintain Your Motorbike during COVID-19


The lockdown due to COVID-19 is something that is not only taking toll on our lives but also is making it difficult to upkeep our vehicles; this especially goes for bike lovers and riders. Their bikes are their passion and during this time when most of the services are vaguely accessible, it is difficult to keep it up and running, so what can be done? The best that you can do is to maintain your bike with the following easy tips that will keep it fit as new.

The tips mentioned below are for the overall home-maintenance of motorbikes that should be able to help you keep your bike in mint condition even during lockdown:

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Checking the tyres

It is essential to understand that the most vulnerable are the tyres of the bike as these are constantly exposed to the environment and dust and grime, here is what you should do:

  •  Check the condition of the tyres if they are warned out or need changing by looking at their ridges.
  • Check the tyres for cuts or any scrapes that may indicate that the tyres need changing and they are worn out.
  • Ensure that the air pressure of both the tyres is perfect and maintained at the right level.
  • Use a digital tyres pressure gauge to check the tyres pressure.
  • Check the wheel alignment and balance to ensure that the bike stays on course while driving to keep you safe on road.
checking the tyres

Engine Oil

If you want to have a smooth ride then it is essential to keep a check on engine oil, here is how:

  • To maintain your bike in better condition regularly check the level of engine oil.
  • Maintain the correct level of engine oil.
  • Remember to regularly change the oil or else the carbon deposits will wear out the engine.

Clean Air filter

Due to dust, grime and air pollution the air filter often gets clogged up, it is important to keep it clean.

  • Clean the air filter on regular intervals.
  • Change the air filter at the recommended time interval.
  • If you are living or have been driving in dusty conditions then it is important to frequently clean it to avoid any wear or tear.

Clutch Adjustment

Adjusting the clutch at the right time interval is what helps you get a smooth ride, here is how:

  • Keep adjusting the clutch in the correct manner.
  • The clutch should be able to have right free play go give a smooth feel.
  • Remember not to tighten the clutch or else it may slip and lead to overconsumption of fuel.
  • Right clutch adjustment is necessary.
clutch adjustment


The primary source of power is the engine, it is just like the heart that governs the entire bike ride, and here is how you can take care of it:

  • Get your bike to servicing and tuning the engine up at the right time.
  • At the same time regular cleaning of the carburetor and valve is important too.
  • After each 1500 kilometer of travel you should clean up the carburetor float chamber and other such parts.
  • Remember to clean up the spark plug or else the deposit of dust and grime will give you start up problems.
  • Modern bikes govern on the choke that works on cold starts; it helps in matching the emission norms along with the efficiency of fuel.

Transmission System

The chain of your motorbike is yet another important component as it ensures that the rear wheel moves smoothly, here is how you should take care of it:

  • Regular lubrication of the motorbike chain is required.
  • Cleaning and adjustment of the motorbike chain is important.
  • You should use paraffin to clean the chain thoroughly.
  • The cleaning tools should include soft brush and cloth to dislodge any dirt accumulated on it.
  • Avoid using water for cleaning as it causes rust on the links.
  • After a thorough cleaning of the chain use clean dry cloth to wipe it.
  • Use engine oil for the purpose of lubricating the links on the chain.
  • Check the free play of 2-4 mm of the chain by moving it using your fingers.
  • The chain should have proper tension along with free play with the rear wheel.
  • Adjust the chain as per the norms specified by the manufacturers.
  • To avoid damage to the piston rings damage avoid shifting to first gear from fifth gear instantly.

Cleaning the surface

The external body of the bike should be daily cleaned to maintain the finishing of the surface.

  • Cover up the H.T. Coil and silencer with a plastic sheet.
  • Cover up the entire bike with its cover that will help avoid sun damage.
  • Use a micro fiber cloth for surface cleaning.

 Maintaining Battery

Battery are the most important part of bike maintenance that ensures a trouble free ride, here is what you can do:

  • Periodical maintenance of the battery is required for long life.
  • Battery water should be regularly topped up using distilled water.
  • Keep checking the battery for any leak issues.
  • Even if you are not using the bike for long periods you should still ensure that you maintain a full charge in the battery.

Maintaining Brakes

  • Maintaining a proper distance between the brakes and tyres is important.
  • The break should be tightened in the right amount or as per the convenience of the rider.
  • Ensure to change the breaks if these are making screeching sound, also check for oiling.

Fork Oil and Sprockets

Change the fork oil of the bike after each 12000 kilometer.

Check if sprockets need replacement.

Usually sprockets get worn out at 40,000 kilometer.

All the above maintenance tips are essential as well as helpful in keeping your bike in mint condition. It is important that even during COVID-19 lockdown you should take proper care of your bike at home to avoid any early wear and tear of bike or its components. These self-maintenance care tips for bikes is useful for everyone who love their bike even a novice can apply these and maintain their motorbike.

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