Tips to Manage when Stuck in Hostel or University in Lockdown


Staying in a dorm or a hostel during lockdown is something that was completely not the choice for university students all across the globe when the pandemic COVID-19 struck. Ever since then the government all over the world decided to put a lockdown that meant staying wherever you are. The feeling of being stuck for a student is inevitable as those who are staying away from their families; living abroad in hostels to complete their studies is where the stress begins. Not being able to go outside is not that much of an issue for these students, but not being able to see, meet or travel to their loved ones even during holidays or special occasions is indeed a factor that generates a lot of emotional stress and anxiety. Psychologists all over the globe designed and came up with a few tips that will help them cope with this difficult period and yet be able to live a stress and anxiety free life, here are these tips that students lockdown in universities can apply.

Tips to manage yourself during lockdown in university

Creating a Routine

It is essential to set a routine or a schedule that is focused on your mental health and wellbeing. As per the experts in psychology if you are bored then using sleep as counter-product is not the way to fight boredom. It is essential that you maintain the routine of early to bed and early to rise.

Lectures and meetings won’t be happening or meeting friends is not possible, but you need to keep the body clock synchronized as per the daily schedule.

  • Follow your meal time as usual as you do on a busy day.
  • Keep your body clock synchronized to the usual sleeping pattern.
  • Find time for recreation or winding down as you do usually.
  • Make a routine that keeps you motivated that creates a healthy body and mind habit.
  • Appropriate coping mechanisms come from following the usual routine without deferring your plans.

Time to study

Study should be included into your routine as ever before. Just because you have a lot of time on your hands, it does not mean that you become a procrastinator. Without the supervisors you should be able to stay focused on your studies.

  • Create your study group, this can be online where you can support, guide and motivate each other.
  • Likewise keep sharing notes online with each other or better have an online study meet where you join your close group of study mates where you can discuss.
  • Setting collective groups and motivating each other is something that will help you all together to keep at it.
  • Better way to deal with topics is to dedicate each other given topics, each one doing one topic and then sharing it with others.

Setting goals without pressure

Putting yourself under pressure for performing is not the way as it only creates unwanted stress. It is better that you should be working with a mindset of creating a study routine where your goals are achievable.

  • Your target is to set goals that are low-impact.
  • Take a note of your goals that are low level goals that will not create undue pressure on you.
  • High priority tasks should be handled in fragments rather than in one go.
  • The goal should be focused on the task at hand without getting pressured to do so.
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Reach out

If you are experiencing emotional stress or emotionally overwhelmed, then you should be able to reach out, follow these tips:

  • There are free counselors online who provide you with emotional support.
  • Psychologists and emotional health workers are available by appointment online so you can speak with them.
  • You should talk to your mates or your family, FaceTime or Video Call them daily to reach out and connect.
  • Arrange or create a virtual quiz club or online hangout pub or games where you connect with each other.

Staying active

Although most of you would like to step out to get some exercise, but this is not the time to be able to do so. What you can do is:

  • Maintain a routine where you can take brisk walk within the campus.
  • Climb the stairs or do the Stairmaster to keep fit.
  • If you are feeling anxious then you must move your body and take a walk in the hallway if you can.
  • Do deep breathing exercises that will help you avoid any emotional stress.

Take online yoga classes or indulge in some online exercise regime.

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Create your sanctuary

What you can do during these days of confinement is create your own sanctuary of nature that will help you relieve your mental stress. Going green helps you with destressing and give you something better to focus upon.

  • Go on virtual tours in nature that will help you feel better.
  • Grow a plant that is therapeutic.
  • Gardening reduces anxiety so you can grow your own plants in a cup.
  • Growing coriander or rosemary is beneficial for your mental health.
  • You can easily place these on your windowsill or suspend it on the rim.
  • For instance grow an avocado and suspend this on a rim where the bottom is resting in water, and you are done.
  • Sprouts are easy to grow and you can check out online tutorials on home gardens.

Change your perception

Change your thoughts from being stuck in the dorm or hostel to positive self-affirmations like:

  • I’m in my safe space.
  • This room is my sanctuary.
  • I am protected in this room.
  • I have ample time to have my hobbies.
  • I can now focus on important tasks easily.
  • I have time to create a schedule that meets all my needs.

Check out new stuff

So, you are not a fan of hard rock, but you can check out the online concert, or maybe you can log in to symphony orchestra by an artist showcasing their talent. A comedian livestreaming and you checking it out will unwind you.

It is all about having new experiences; go for online gaming with friends if you have never done it before.

  • Learn cooking with whatever ingredients you can arrange.
  • Go to a virtual theatre.
  • Learn e-drawing or take lessons on it.
  • Go on art tours online. 

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