Trailblazing to Mukteshwar & Nainital

Trailblazing to Mukteshwar & Nainital - Royal Rider Dinesh

With summers fast approaching and temperatures soaring by the day, all I have been thinking about is some cool locale to escape the intense heat of Delhi for some time! And, as I think of that, my mind takes me off to last summer.

Ah! What a summer it was! Riding across the scenic routes and backroads of almost all of Himachal!

But, this time, I wanted something different, something new. I set my heart to a new destination. And, after careful deliberation, I chose Garh Mukteshwar and Nainital in the beautiful hill state of Uttarakhand as my next adventure bike trip destination.


Located about 110km from Delhi, this quiet little hill town is a favorite bike road trip from Delhi, known for two things; it’s holy ambience and the sight of dolphins! And, just a stone’s throw (around 51 km) is another popular destination – Nainital. Named after the 350-year-old temple of Lord Shiv, Garh Mukteshwar offers a panoramic view of a vast stretch of the Himalayan ranges covered by conifers.

Here is a quick snapshot from my initial research before commencing on the road trip to Mukteshwar (just in case you want to visit after this blog! 😉)

Best time to visit Mukteshwar: March to October

Best Route from Delhi to Mukteshwar: Via NH 9 covering Delhi > Ghaziabad > Moradabad > Rampur > Nainital > Mukteshwar

Riding time from Delhi to Mukteshwar: 8 hours

Riding Distance: 347

This time it was going to be a solo bike trip from Delhi to Mukteshwar and Nainital. And, believe me, when I say, I was raving to go! The plan was to make a day trip to Mukteshwar and move onto Nainital the next day.

So, here I go capturing my trailblazing biking experience to Mukteshwar and Nainital undertaken recently.

Day 1: Started from Delhi

As always, the thought of exploring another new place on my machine fills me with an indescribable thrill. Excited about the impending trip, I had already started getting everything ready for the bike trip to Mukteshwar days ahead.

Started From Delhi

Day 1 started at 5 AM for me. I quickly prepared to get started and, by 6 AM I gave my solo bike trip a kick-start. The ride was a smooth one – a great experience thanks to the KMP Highway. I reached Sonepat and from there took the KMP Highway to Ghaziabad. I rode straight towards Hapur, took the Hapur bypass to avoid the morning traffic and reached Garjaula. The road up to here was smooth as butter.

Stopped for a quick shoot along the way and captured Mukteshwar trip’s travel photos for my album.

Stop for quick break

A little ahead I crossed Brijghat.

By now, I felt the need for a quick bite. Decided it was time for a pit stop and halted for some tea and refreshments at the Enroot the Dhaba, situated just 5 km ahead of Brijghat.

It is a fantastic place to stop by for a quick bite on your way to Mukteshwar from Delhi. Excellent food, courteous staff and beautiful ambience.

After a cup of piping hot tea and completely refreshed, I resumed the trip moving on to Bajpur. Further, from Bajpur, I hit the ‘Pittal’ city of Moradabad around 2 PM.

Stopped at Moradabad for lunch, spending some time here to prep up for the hill ride as I approached Mukteshwar.

Once I crossed Moradabad, the ride was almost hellish – rough patches of road, unmarked potholes and lousy traffic! This part was almost the nightmare every biker shudder thinking about!

Well! This nightmare passed too and soon gave way to the beauty of this Uttarakhandi hill-town!

On my way to the hotel, a road cut to Chaoli Jaali – the highest point in Mukteshwar. Known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets, I got a chance to witness a fabulous sunset. For the adventure seekers, you also have mountaineering and rappelling activities conducted here.

Further down the track, I caught sight of the ancient and simple-looking Shiv Temple. The view of the temple pulled me, and I took a short detour to seek the blessings of the Lord!

Finally, around 4 PM, I pulled into the parking of my humble hotel accommodation at Mukteshwar. I was a little sore after the long ride, and the bad stretch after Moradabad did its bit too. Ready to fling my body into the bed, my made way to my room.

And, did just that- Rested for the day!

Catch me in action on Day 1!

Day 2: Mukteshwar to Nainital

Day 2 I set out on my journey back from Mukteshwar to Delhi, with a few hours’ detour to Nainital – a decent 1-1½ hours ride on a completely hilly terrain via Jeolikote. Set against the background of the pear-shaped Naini lake (after which this hill town has got its name!), Nainital is a tourist’s paradise. Read any Nainital travel blog, and you will find raving views about this place. And, if you love the hills, Nainital is a must visit any day!

The Nainital trip experience would have been incomplete without the cable ride to Snow View Observation Point, which gives a spellbinding view of the Naini lake below set against the backdrop of the famous Nanda Devi and China Peaks at a distance.

A short visit to Eco Cave Garden took me back in the days when we used to have our Geography excursions in school, while the Nainital Zoo brought out the child in me and I was as thrilled to see the rare species of steppe eagle, snow leopard and Himalayan black bear as any child would be. My exclusive Nainital trip advice – don’t forgo the Zoo!

Bike ride mukteshwar to nainital

Satiated with all the touristy activities, I started back to Sonepat, reaching at around 9 PM having travelled almost 880kms on the way back.


Here’s my Day 2 in action!

Hope you enjoyed this travel diary as much as I did to pen down this superbly exciting and rejuvenating bike trip experience.

You can watch on youtube also – Click here

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