Where you can refill your fuel tanks around Pangong Lake and Nubra Valley

Leh-Ladakh road trip

If you are on a Leh-Ladakh road trip, there is just one small challenge that you must be prepared for – fuel!

The only petrol pump is located in the Leh city. So, be sure to make adequate arrangements if you plan to take a road trip to this area. If you plan to visit Pangong Lake, do get a refill before you make a head-start from Leh as there are no petrol pumps in or around Pangong Tso or the nearby villages.

In fact, the nearest petrol pump near Pangong Tso is the Karu Petrol Pump that lies about 130km on the Pangong-Leh route. Another petrol pump that you may find is on the Leh-Nubra Valley route in Diskit. Unfortunately, even these pumps are highly unreliable as you cannot be sure of the availability of fuels at these pumps. You may try your luck to procure some black fuel (at double its price!!) at some of the villages near Pangong and Nubra Valley such as Chusul, Spangmik and Tangtse, and some even at the Chadar tents at the lake, but their quality is questionable.

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