Your Bike is an Extension to Your Personality or Choosing a bike that suits you right


Riders are connected to their bikes on an emotional level as it is metaphorically speaking an extension to their personality. It is true; the bike you own reflects your personality and your characteristics. For this reason it is essential that when you are out there shopping for a new bike then you choose the one that means something to you or rather is as per the way you are. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular bikes and how they represent the personality of a rider. Try finding out which one best suit you as per the list given below; also understand how you can choose the right one for yourself.

Choosing the right bike

How to begin?

It is essential to first understand which kind of bike you should choose for yourself, whether you are a newbie or someone who likes an upgrade to your existing model. Choosing the right bike is not an easy task especially when you have numerous choices in the market. Of course, the technical specs are essential, but do you know for a rider the bikes speaks to them on the intellectual and personal level? Let us find out all about it.

Speak to a seasoned rider

No, we are not talking about talking to someone who is old; we are talking about consulting a seasoned rider, the one who has been living their passion for riding. Their opinion on what they like about a certain bike and what not is something that you can learn from. It is not always the technical details; there are some practicalities beyond it. The taste of the rider differs from the catalogue of the bike, information that is not mentioned in the details on paper, the importance of a bike/ model make. It is appealing to find out something beyond the normal given facts.

  • Get in touch with riders online on rider forums, social media platforms, blogs they run.
  • Gather your notes based on the specific models and make that may be appealing to you.
  • Learn all the positive and negative points regarding a specific bike.
  • Seek help on choosing a bike that may be suitable to you on personal level.
  • Professional riders do blog regarding their experiences with a particular bike and other enthusiasts join in pitching in their experiences.

What to choose if you are a student?

A conservative life is what you may be living, as your expenses are not only under scrutiny by the elders, but majority of your decisions are taken by them. Given the fact that you too love bikes and would like to have your own wheels of fire to ride the road with freedom, here is what you can choose for yourself. Whether it is a quite ride after dinner or a Sunday ride with your buddies, catching up with your study group or your close pals, the following may be suitable for you.

  • Choosing a bike that you may identify with on personal level and style is a given fact.
  • Your options can be Kawasaki Ninja 300, Honda CB1100 Ex, Honda CRF250L Rally or Yamaha YZF-R3.
  • If you are someone born in prosperity then you may consider Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 as your first bike.
  • Being a student style and speed is what you may be craving and so the list.
  • Talk to riders online and join a forum seeking advice on which bike is best suited for students.
  • You may want to consider a bike that is best in its components and will help you stay put academically too.
royalrider dinesh

Get to know the untechnical details

Of course a bike rider needs to know all the technical details, but then who will tell you a certain bike fits the road you are about to take. How will you know if a bike is well suited for a challenging terrain?

  • Seek the help and expertise of blogging riders who know their way around bikes.
  • Find out if a certain type will be good for a particular road or a challenging trail.
  • You need to ask questions like if the bike you are about to choose is suitable for a certain weather.
  • Remember a specific make and model may be suited for planes while another may be only good for altitudes that are challenging.
  • Checking objective reviews of customers online prior to making up your mind on choosing a bike is a good idea.

It is always a good idea to speak to numerous riders who own different models and makes to zero in the advantages and disadvantages. A dealer may be biased, but a rider is always true in their spirit and approach, as riding is their passion.

Now moving on to the next essential, how will you know if your personality is suited to a particular bike or its make, well, here we have some exciting facts regarding the rider’s personality and their bike?

royal rider dinesh

Your bike and your personality

Just as each bike differs in its technical specs, style, its fuel efficiency and its ride, similarly it speaks volumes about the rider or the owner. Unique as each bike is so is the personality traits of a rider who chooses a specific bike make or model over other numerous choices. Why? Let’s find out.


Undoubtedly this bike is the king of all the other bikes out there and it is something that exudes a lot of charm and its own strong aura. So, what kind of rider would own it?

Personality traits of a Royal Rider

  • A leader who likes to forge their own path.
  • Someone who is aware of their strengths and capabilities.
  • Conscious of their status and their stature in the society and amongst crowd.
  • As sturdy as the bike is, so is your headstrong personality that is unwavering.
  • People admire you and look up to you.
  • Unchallenged individual that you are, people recognize your power over them on physical as well as intellectual level.
  • Confident personality that likes to take charge and wins any challenge thrown up to them.
  • You are the one who inspire the masses to follow you and move forward despite hardships.


This bike is for those who are speedsters in life and they like to do things fast-paced. So, who is most likely to ride or own this bike?

Personality traits of a Fast moving Pulsar Person

  • A person who leads a busy life and is comfortable in moving along the modern era.
  • Someone who likes to move fast with anything that they want to achieve in their life.
  • There is no one or nothing stopping you in attaining your goal once you set your eye on it.
  • Nothing like taking breaks or leisure time for you as you like to keep yourself occupied always.
  • Energetic physically and mentally, you are someone who gets little sleep.
  • Caffeine addicts maybe someone who likes to be on their toes with everything new.
  • Always in step with latest style and trend, you are a go-getter.
  • Like spending money in maintaining your bike and on your own looks.
  • Ambitious by approach towards your life and its goals, you strive for success.
  • Hard to maintain balance internally and externally in your life.
  • You tend to be too much focused on social life or your career at times.


A bike known for its strength and unique style that sets it apart always. Which kind of rider would choose such an Iron for their ride?

Personality traits of Iron Rider

  • You set your own rules and often break the archetypical rules when these are imposed upon you.
  • Always challenge the stereotypes; you are the one who loves taking up this challenge head on.
  • This classic beauty is your favorite due to its unique style just as your own.
  • An eye for finer things in life, you have panache in your attitude.
  • A born rebel, you like to be called a rule breaker.
  • Spending money on things that reflect the rebellion that you are.
  • Appreciating quality over cheap goods any day is where you take your stand.
  • A badass, you may seem out of league for many.
  • Choosey with everything, you want something that is an extension of you.
  • Labelled the outlaws by the society, you live as per your own rules.


A unique bike that stands apart due to its own style, someone who is different from the usual crowd would own it, let’s find out.

Personality traits of KTM Stylist

  • You have your own way of doing things, never the way others do it.
  • Life is a thrill seeking movement for you and you every time you find something exciting about it.
  • Late night rider, who likes to speed up on lonely streets gives you real thrills.
  • Often the one speeding past and cutting through the traffic, you make your own road.
  • Your motto is ‘Enjoy life as it is every day’.
  • YOLO kind of person.
  • Normal is boring for you and for that reason you have hard time connecting to people around you.
  • You would rather be alone on your own solo style than get along with the boring normal lot.
  • A speed rider, you often ignore stop signs and jump signals too.


Thunderbird is the bike that exudes freedom and excitement in its own way.

Personality trait of Thunderbird Lover

  • You are a free spirited person who likes to enjoy their freedom over anything else any given day.
  • Someone who doesn’t likes to be tied down or be dependent on anyone.
  • Hardly bothered about the destination, rather enjoys the path that you tread upon.
  • Empty roads and highways are inviting as you enjoy being with yourself.
  • Always up for something new and travel to new destinations even solo.
  • Love treading on untrodden path and challenging routes.
  • Beautiful journey for you is one that brings new experiences on road.


A conservative bike that is common these days and is liked by majority who likes to take it slow may be best suited to you.

Personality traits of CBR Conservative

  • Introverted person, you like to be away from the crowd as it gives you anxiety.
  • Hanging out on your own is a much better idea than partying any day.
  • Silent type, you are a man of few words as meaningless chatter is not for you.
  • Your smartness may be hidden as you stay low key.
  • Charm and enigma that your personality exudes have people guessing your mood.
  • Never a show off whether you have the brains or the brawns.
  • Your personality is a mystery to many.
  • Always surprising people with your hidden talents.
  • Keep brooding over life and its philosophy.

No matter what, all begins by trusting your instincts and feelings. Avoid going with the popular choice or opinion as it may not be suitable for you. Having patience and analyzing skills is where you can land up with a better choice. Remember that each bike that you purchase is an investment.

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